About Us

ForMysisters Hair Care was created in 2018 with just one product. I had dyed my hair for the first time in 2016 and I chose to go blonde! After coming home and surprising my mother she warned me about the damage dying your hair can do if not taken care of properly. I started doing research and created my first hair mask with the help of my grandmother.

Scared the blonde would fry my hair like my sister said, I started to do deep treatments every week with my homemade mask. Before I knew it, my hair was growing so much. With the constant compliments I started to tell people about my hair secret - I used to call it my hair crack before I came up with the name 'Anana Mask'.

I figured at this point, I had to start sharing it with other women around me because now my edges were completely back! My hair was thick, long, and was not shedding, I was really excited about my hair process. My natural curls started to show. My hair had a natural shine, easier to manage and was big and soft at the same time! I went from perm damaged straight hair to healthy hair full of life. After a year I decided to make an oil and sell it, but I had to come up with a business name. 

ForMySisters Hair Care was started for my nieces and nephews. When we came about in 2018, it was just a small idea, anything I profited I’d make for my sisters' children. I wanted to make sure they’d always have something together that one day they can profit from, so I shortened it to, ForMySisters Hair Care. As time has gone by, I’ve added five more natural hair products to my line.  My natural hair products help grow and maintain your natural hair texture with real, immediate and long-term results while using only plant-based ingredients and natural oils.

By giving the hair all the necessary vitamins, it needs with our natural ingredients, it helps keep the hair big, long, soft and healthy. While our products can help all hair texture, we focus on 3B-4C hair patterns. It was created to make the wash day process a lot easier and shorter in time for hair textures like me. I take satisfaction using only natural ingredients that will nourish each strand of hair with every product. Each product is made with all the right natural plants and oils with many active ingredients and minerals that protects from damage and can help rejuvenate the hair by strengthening, moisturizing, thickening and growing the hair.